9U Travel Team pitching staff Question

Just moving into kid pitch. How do coaches generally handle the pitching staff. What I mean by that is while there are pitch counts or inning counts in games do the kids usually have 1 bull pen session thru the week. Do they throw more than once a week in practice. How many pitches in practice. How many pitches a week between games and practice. The whole pitching situation is new as this is my oldest son.

Every program is run entirely different.

These questions are questions you should ask the perspective coaches who could be coaching your son.

Don’t be afraid to ask them, they are very important questions to ask.

Thanks for the reply. I plan on asking the coach. Just want to see what other people are accustomed too. I have no frame of reference if when told the plan by the coach if it is similar to others or excessive.

Like Wales said, every team is different. What we did on our team last year was to hold an additional practice just for the pitchers. They were 1.5 hours long and covered many of the “head space” issues about what to do and how to think when they are on the mound. They also got to pitch about 30-50 pitches during the sessions, focusing on mechanics and throwing strikes. Our team had 2 regular team practices, 1 pitching practice, and 1 game per week.

We made it clear to the pitchers that they would have earn a spot as a pitcher for the upcoming game by merit.

Here’s how we set it up. Towards the end of pitching practice, each player would take the mound and get 10 pitches to the catcher with no one in the batters box. Everyone else is watching, so it puts a bit of stress on the person on the mound, not quite as bad as it would be in a game. The pitching rotation for the next game is determined by ability to throw higher % of strikes. Coaches usually call balls and strikes, but on a close one, can appeal to the other pitchers for a decision.

This takes the stress off of the coaches to have to pick who gets to pitch in the game, as that can get a bit touchy at times. Pitchers generally get 1-2 innings each game depending on how things are going. An effective pitcher can usually get out of an inning with a pitch count of 15. We usually take a pitcher out once they are around a pitch count of 30-40. We had the luxury of having a staff of 5, with 2 more experienced kids, 2 less experienced, and one first time pitcher.

During the season, our team gave up the fewest points allowed in the league. Walks are the biggest issue at that level (10u) of play, at least in our experience.

This link
will give you guidelines for pitches per game, week and year.