9u Slow motion pitching video

Please provide feedback on my son’s mechanics. The video is 13 minutes long but you should be able get a general idea after a few pitches. Thanks for any feedback.

Very late in getting his center of mass moving forward. He lifts his knee, lowers it, leans toward 2B with head and spine, and reaches toward home with the front foot. And then he shifts his weight toward home.

The good news is very few 9yo’s are really good at using their lower half effectively. But I do suggest having him start working his way down that path. Try to get his butt (literally) moving forward sooner. Use the Herhiser drill to practice. He may not get really good at this until he’s a bit older but you can start pushing him in the right direction now.

Roger - Thanks for your feedback. He recently started working with a pitching coach (jury is still out) who teaches him to “stay back” and slide his front foot down the mound…rather than leading with the hips which is what the Hershiser drill emphasizes. I believe this method of teaching is contributing to the leaning back towards second rather than moving everything toward home plate. I will share your feedback with his pitching coach and see what he says. Thanks again.


I failed to mention leading with the hips but you obviously understand that. Needless to say, standing in an awkward position on one leg with some body weight moving towards 2B does not lend itself to a strong and repeatable start to one’s delivery. Plus it will make him slow to the plate and he will struggle to control the running game.

Ur video is very hard to watch , too slow, u need to cut the dead time or something . He breaks his hands too soon