9u pitching mechanics advice and help

here are some videos from a recent 9u tournament. I would appreciate some feedback as to what things my son can improve on.

one of the things i have noticed and we have not really worked on is the front arm action. Most major league pitchers tend to separate hands at around the belly button and lead wit the front arm in a swinging motion to a fully extrend arm then into the tucked position. my son tends to keep his hands high and just bring the ball down and push forward with his glove side into a bent arm L shape (insted of the extended front arm) then into the tucked glove position.

I have seen a few high level pitchers pitch this way so is that something i should be working on to fix or just leave it for now? his coach has advised me it is not an issue and i have not messed with it since i am trying to get him more consistent by working on other things such as keeping his head still, throwing out in front over the front foot etc.


I’m not a youth expert but I don’t think younger kids should be doing anything like anyone until they have some height. Their bodies do not have the high core and leg strength displayed at high levels (upon which everything there is built on) and they often do not have a good feel for their arms, which can lead to injury.

Arm angle, release and follow-through is all I would be looking at and I think he looks real good for 9. His elbow isn’t high and he comes over just after his hips turn.

Honestly this video makes it very hard to see any of the mechanics without being distracted with the focus and angle…before giving any advice I would like to see some better video from both side views and front view, without the fence please!

Another look, and I think he’s pretty much fine right now. Wide, reaching break… top arm slot… extension… full follow-through… even his timing looks all together.

you have to stride and extend your legs!!!

i know you keep using the upper body,

but don’t forget the power of your footage!!