9U pitching analysis - anything glaring?

He’s been pitching for about a year now and has done really well against USSSA AA and AAA competition – we haven’t played any majors teams, yet.

It’s been a few months since he was on a radar gun, but he was sitting around 49/50 and topping out around 53. This last weekend, we finally got back to playing baseball, but before that, our last tournament was at the end of Feb. During the covid-19 stuff, he wanted to start a workout and weight training program, which we did. We also still practiced baseball every week.

Anyway, I think he’s gained some stamina and velocity and will get him back on the gun soon. I just want to make sure I am not missing anything mechanical that could be hindering development or promoting injury?

Here is a video from the Feb tournament:

Here is a video from last weekend:

The video from last weekend, he was on his 6th inning over two days, so he was tiring a bit.

Here is the statline for the two 2020 tourneys:
11 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 30 K, 1 HBP

Like I said, the numbers look fine to me – the results do too. Being a righty, it’s really hard for me to translate much from a lefty. I know his leg lift looks a little awkward, but I don’t know if it’s something worthy of an immediate address. Any thoughts, tips, etc. are greatly appreciated.

I forgot to add one thing: His biggest weakness is when the coach wants him to throw inside or outside and sets the catcher up on the corners. It just does something mental to him and he losses a lot of control. Any advice or tips for this as well? Thanks.

There are some on here that are amazing at breaking down the micro. I am good at the macro stuff. I have a 10 year old and a few things that have helped him are the following:

Most Little Leagues don’t allow “stealing” or even leading off, so get him learning to pitch from the set, your videos show stretch. While it is an extra few steps, he will generally throw harder and it gets him understanding the “process”. Once he gets his footwork from the set done, get the lean and lead leg process started. Then tuck the glove. All of this are the macro items, then you can start adding detail to each one of those moves.

As for plate accuracy, at 9U pinpointing a spot on the plate is tough. The focus required from prep step, to plant foot, to leg lift, arm back, keep leg closed, stride, throw…makes pinpointing the plate location another few steps. If he’s throwing over the plate consistently at 9U, enjoy that. Work on all the mechanics for that.

And as always, have fun with it. There are 1000 drills for all of these things. Make them fun and all the other stuff will come along nicely. Keep posting!

Hi stick,

We’ve been working on the windup a bit, but while it’s currently at an increase of velo – he losses some control with it. We just haven’t worked on it enough to use it in games, at least at this point.

USSSA does allow for leads and stealing. It’s probably the biggest factor for scoring in the 9/10U leagues. My son actually should have had two kids picked off, but both got away (one to second and another scoring at home – different plays) in rundowns.

I appreciate the advice and we are going to continue to work on the windup as well.

Hi Realty-King-Austin

The video from 6/14/20 is to far away for me to give an analysis on. If you have closer video that would help

Steve C

Hi Steve,

I don’t have any recent videos that are closer since they are all game footage stuff. My wife does have some photo bursts that are zoomed in – if you want still shots. Will that help?

We’re winning and the help around here is great, but slow. I was decent, but not to the degree of some of you guys, and I know we all hope our kids are better than we were. They don’t hit him much, but I am still worried about a few things:

We’ve been working on driving off the mound, but it’s not taking hold. Second, his leg lift is better, but he just opens it up and swings it out, after the lift. What is the best way you’ve learned to get them to just drive off the mound? Thanks in advance.

I really appreciate your help more than you all could ever know!

The most recent video, which isn’t filmed close, but not as far away as the last:

Staying closed is hard. Like real hard. My older boy just now is getting it down. Dry practice it. Some do the falling against a wall. Research the Hershiser drill. But just have him practice leading with the hip.

Thank you! I am going to look into it.