9U - how much pitching practice?

I know there are guidelines on the # of pitches per game…based on age

But what would a recommended practice week look like for a 9U player that pitches a bit?

Figure Game Sunday - 3 innings or 45 pitches…

When would that pitcher be ready to have a little bullpen session?
also aside from pitching practice - should other practice be limited (throws from short and 3rd base to first, long toss or just playing catch…)

I am asking this question because I recently noticed that when my son is coming off total rest - his velocity goes up a GREAT deal (I noticed this thanks to tons of rain recently - where we have had almost no father/son practice time between games) normally we practice/play catch… 3-4 nights a week after school/work between games.

I should add: the 3-4 nights a week is not all “pitching”! that os pitching 1 or 2 days, mixed with just catch, or infield grounders… making the throw to first from 3rd…

yes just have him throw around 20 or 30 pitches on either tuesday or wednsday so if he hurts is arm or something like that happens he will have time to heal. now if he plays on thoses day just have him pitch two or three days before.im a 14u AAA player i usuallu throw 2 fully bullpins a week and near the end i usually gas out and each time i try to stide that out so i can throw a full bullpin at full speed. have him started on a regular scedual like 2 or 4 times a month. if he does that he will turn into a great pitch, and possible get him into some pitching instrutors if u havnt already.