9U AA Pitching Sample for review

If you are a pitching coach then please review this 9-year old pitcher who just starting pitching this spring. He is in a semi-competive league and I do not know how fast he is throwing; he does throw a lot of strikes including one inning with 10 pitches (9 S and 1 B); he is a very motivated youngster and wants to throw all the time (I limited him to four times a week).

Thank you for your constructive criticism

Here is an additional video of the same young pitcher taken late in the fourth inning. The ball is hit and they got the out at first.

Thank you

First off let me comment on your name…if that ain’t a grand old Texas kind of name…well it just is.

The boy looks good until he pulls his head in Okajima style, I’d work on that and having a great time. His pitches will be put in play…if he mows everyone down he likely needs to step up a league.

needs a bit of a longer stride

Thanks so much for the tips. We just ordered some of the training materials posted on this site. It should be a fun summer. Thanks again.

I agree with JD on both the posture issue and on having fun. Regarding the posture issue, get him to keep his head upright. Young kids often try to use their head and shoulders to generate power not realizing that it comes from the bottom up.

I would also have him work on firming up the glove arm and stabilizing it out front. In the video, his glove arm is kind of soft meaning it gets out front but kind of drops and then swings back.

another small thing is that his right leg should follow throughand finish up in front of or adjacent to his left leg, this means he is driving more towards he plate

So the fix then would be more drive - not manipulating the back leg. Yes?

Several things suggested here, I would prioritize and not throw everything at him a 9. My picks :

  • Limit head/shoulder movement at release

  • Have FUN !

I agree with not throw everything at a 9u kid all at the same time. Something that I don’t see enough of at this age is work with the glove side mechanics pulling the ball through vs just using the throwing arm, you see this with his glove side being almost at the ground vs pulling to his chest or under his armpit.