95 mph Arm Action


If this helps anyone, I did this slow mo of my son’s arm action on a 95 mph pitch yesterday to help folks see the kinetic chain/glove side to arm side (HS Sr/17 years old).


Do you have any video of your son’s full motion. So many times I see video posts in the forum where pitches do not use their lower half correctly or efficiently. Maybe by seeing your son use his lower half correctly, it will help those understand the importance of forward momentum before hand break. Just thinking your son would be a good model because he is 17 and some of our younger pitchers here can relate maybe better to a teen instead of a pitcher in the MLB.


Yep, from yesterday…


check the frame rate on the second video.


are you still seeing a problem with the frame rate? (sometimes gifs take a bit to load and play at the correct speed)




Has he decided on a University to attend?


My son has a similar motion except I think on the front end of the leg whip my son likes to tuck his arm behind his lift leg to allow a higher lift. But I am no pitching mechanic instructor I learn as my kid does.


Yes. He’s going to an ACC school.


Your son is shifting his entire head sideways - thus focusing with more of his right eye than squaring off full faced toward his target. In the process, his ending posture is literally walking towards those large glass doors on his glove side. Because of his force, thus his leg is whipping up, keeping the rest of the body upright. Watch the end result of what I’m describing as he SNAPS his, trying to regain a full head position after his violent release.


The violence is intentional. He is throwing with 100% intent.

The idea of keeping your head still or square or finishing square to the target is overrated and actually ends up hurting mechanics (reducing intent or athletic movements) rather than helping it.

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Ok. For this pitcher, it’s his way. Monitor his health as he gels into his early twenties and beyond. I’ve had pitchers who have made this their signature form, and their tenure has been a short one. But then again, you’re his father and you know what’s best for your son.


Thanks Coach_Baker. [Not only the dad, but I’m also the HS Pitching coach. :+1:]