90 Day Tryout Preparation Program Help

Hi, i am planning on trying out for my college team in late september and need some help creating a throwing program to get my fastball velocity where it needs to be. if you want u can stop reading now and move on to the helping me with the program for developing arm strength and health.


i am 6’3" 185lbs and im not as seasoned as a typical 19 year old in terms of pitching. i have not pitched in 2 years, which i realize is a huge dissadvantage. after picking up the ball about a month ago ive increased my fastball from a weak 76mph to a slightly respectable 83mph over 4 weeks time with only some mindless throwing in the backyard every other day or 2. Now as my velocity improvements are slowing down i actually need to get on a solid pitching specific exercise program.

I have access to barbells, dumbells, medicine balls, and other various exercise equipment. I am proficient in performing strength exercises as well as olympic lifts and plyometrics. so please help me put together a pitching/exercise program that will get the most out of my body in the 3 months i have before the tryout date.

Also i have been working on my mechanics and reading anything i can get my hands on. i can post a video of myself pitching to try and find mechanical flaws, which im sure exist. ive read and adopted a rotator cuff circuit… 2 sets, 15 reps per set (1 set hands vertical, 1 set hands horizontal)
db front raises
db side raises
bent over db raises
lying internal rotations
lying external rotations

ive also adopted a core circuit.
standing left/right med ball throws
overhead med ball slams
db side bends
reverse crunches

Also i am a fan of deadlifts, parallel squats, atg jump squats and power cleans. all of which have been staples of my previous workout programs. just for reference i am a very quick learner and a very good athlete. i have ran a 7.3 second 60m dash in track, i have a 38" running vertical jump and have deadlifted twice my bodyweight, some of which my or may not translate to pitching velocity.

Now about my pitching experience. I throw from a low 3/4 arm slot with good tailing left to right movement on my fastball. (im right handed). ive also regained my decent change up with is more of a splitter/change up hybrid i believe it is called a vulcan change up. Either way it is a consistant 10-12 mph slower than my fastball with a good drop with left to right movement as well. i am also working on my knuckle curveball. it has good rotation but is in the beginning stages. i need to add velocity to it as i get more comfortable and consistant with the release and rotation.

so in the end if i show up with an upper 80s fastball possibly touching 90 and the feel for a changeup and a curve i dont see how the can turn me away considering the team era is around 7 and the record is not very good even if it is a d1 school… id rather not mention the name of the school.

For beginners - begin a more consistent long toss program. You should be throwing 5 to 6 days a week. Add running long distance, interval, and sprints after throws

  • Day 1 Long Toss - Hill Sprints - Lift
  • Day 2 Long Toss - Jog Spring Walks - Lift
  • Day 3 Bullpen of 40 to 60 pitches depending on arm strength
  • Day 4 Rest (longer jog 45 minutes)
  • Day 5 Long Toss - Hill Sprints - Lift
  • Day 6 Bullpen of 30 to 50 pitches
  • Day 7 Rest

That’s just an idea for starters… the more you throw the better. I can post more later…

BTW - you should probable not try to develop a knuckle curve from a low three quarter arm slot. It is really difficult to get the right tilt with that grip. A traditional slider grip would probably be more affective.


Written by Steven Ellis. I haven’t used it, but it has very high reviews.

yeah i have been looking into a long toss program,

is it a good idea to long toss 3 days a week, on non consecutive days and every day i increase 10 feet so like…

3 throws from each distance

60 ft
80 ft
100 ft
120 ft
140 ft
160 ft
180 ft
200 ft
220 ft
240 ft
220 ft
200 ft
180 ft
160 ft
140 ft

theres not much more to it than that im sure. after having not thrown in quite some time and never really been on a long toss program i think it should really help me out over the next few weeks

week 1 ill top out at 150,160 and 170 ft
week 2 180,190,200
week 3 210, 220, 230
week 4 240, 250, 260
week 5 270,280,290 if i can
than week 6 shorter distances but full effort like 120 ft throws but line drives no arc really, than finally get on the mound and hope i get up a few mph as my only way to get on a team with my experience is to wow some people with velocity and prove to be kind of a work in progress for the future.

and i will try the conventional grip next time, should prlly help to get more velocity too, thanks

and as for the tuffcuff program id love to but i can justify to myself spending 60 bucks on a throwing program i can only use for 3 months, with uncertain results

thanks guys

The distances you mentioned looked pretty good. However, I would spend more time at each distance.

Perhaps try this…

30 ft - 5 throws (feet square, just rotate upper half)
45 ft - 10 throws (feet in athletic position, work on hip turn, no stride)
60ft - 10 throws (start from knee lift balance point)

then start your actual long toss with shuffles and as much arc as you need

80 ft - 6 to 10 throws
100 ft - 6 to 10
120ft - 6 - 10
140ft - 6 - 10
160ft - 6 - 10

then work back in on what i call “finish sets” where you eliminate the arc and just throw on a line and skip the ball to the target if you can’t make it there.

150 ft - 3 to 6 throws
130ft - 3 to 6
110 ft - 3 to 6
90ft - 3 to 6
70ft - 3 to 6

Once you get back to 60 ft - make sure you throw 5 to 10 pitches out of the stetch to focus on perfecting your release point.

In my opinion, the finish sets are the most important part because it better replicates the arm action and throwing form of a pitcher on the mound.

Only do this long toss program on days you don’t have a bullpen. A shorter variation to loosen up is fine, but don’t blow it all out before your pen.

Keep in the gym doing those lifts you mentioned. Add shoulder work with a 2 to 3lbs weight for shoulder strengthening - move the weight as slow as possible (think about a 3 second count to shoulder height) with all the movements you mentioned.

Your long toss and pens and runs are most important

sounds good im gonna start this program today, and the bullpens you mention. should they be off a mound? and should they be as full effort or more like 75% id guess just to work on mechanics and grips and stuff