90 day off season throwing program

when performing the 90 day off season throwing program do i throw on the off days of whatever workout phase i’m in or do i throw on the days i’m working out. i’m a 41 year old starting pitcher in a mens baseball league that plays once a week. i was looking for a new off season workout program and just received your tuff cuff strength and conditioning program which i am staring tomorrow & can hopefully keep me in shape and healthy enough to pitch well into my 50’s.

I don’t want to speak for Tuff Cuff because I know nothing about that program, but generally a player works out around their throwing schedule and not the other way around.

I use bands to warm up my arm before throwing and after to warm down to avoid getting any soreness or stiffness in my shoulder. Being older than you, personally the warm down use of resistance bands is a life saver. There is a noticeable difference since using the bands after throwing–especially the next day.