9 Year Old Slow Motion - Analysis Please

This is my 9 year old pitching. Quick video I made out in front of the house.

My theory is keep things as natural as possible, make sure he is having fun, build consistency, and build lots of confidence.

He is having a blast getting better and is loving every minute of it.

Couple of things I noticed on this video that I want to start working on are his follow through, needs a longer stride, and his front foot is landing on his heal.

Agree? You guys see anything else that would be worth adjusting at this age?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Keep the head more still. He cocks it to his left significantly upon releasing his pitch. And lengthen that pitching arm path follow through a bit! I’d like to see his throwing hand finish down around his lead knee. Which means he’ll need to bend his back more instead of re-coiling his arm and remaining stiff at the end of his motion.

Keep it fun and good luck!

I agree with Steven - work on posture and balance first. Get him to keep his head upright and take it only towards the target - no unnecessary movement left/right, up/down or back.

I wouldn’t work on follow-through as it’s really a result of other things. As the rest of his delivery improves, his follow-through should take care of itself.

I also wouldn’t worry about landing on the heal. Although there is conventional wisdom saying you shouldn’t land on the heal, look around MLB and you’ll see plenty of pitchers that do. As he grows and gets stronger, he will be able to get himself moving faster to create more momentum which will get him out over the front leg more and reduce how much he lands on the heal.