9 year old shoulder injury now elbow - help

My son had to go through months of physical therapy last year at 8 yrs old due to rotator cuff injyry. Now he is complaining of elbow pain and we immediately pulled him from pitching last night. We ice and rest and took of 4 months to rehab shoulder, why now his elbow. Defintely not from overuse because we are so careful. Could it be mechanics? He’s on travel ball team. Advice appreciated.

My opinion only, you can’t beat yourself up over why this or why not that. All your effort should be on getting him healthy. In that process you might discover the answer, maybe not. Get him the best orthopedic doctor you can find and follow his advice to the letter. When he’s healthy…get him the best consistent pitching instructor you can find and follow his advice to the letter.

As the parent of a pitcher, I can tell you, there are plenty of ups and downs, injury and recovery, investment and sacrifice. Until they leave home, you are going to share in all those things. I don’t know how you can be a better parent than what you have done. Your kid is going to recognize this as an adult and he’s going to thank you for everything you did for him. Stay the course.

Post a video of his mechanics; folks here will weigh in on whether they might be injurious.

Does he throw pretty hard?

As much as I hate to say it, maybe it is just something structurally in his arm and he should not be pitching at all. At 8 years old he is a bit young, if you ask me, to be having any issues with his shoulder and elbow. Let me also say that I am not a doctor, a pitching instructor, or anything other than a parent who played some baseball in high school. What positions does he play when he is not Pitching? Do they let kids pitch in your area at 8 years old? The advice you have recieved about getting a good doctor to look at his arm is the best way to go in my opinion Good luck.

Certainly could be mechanics. The shoulder is a mobile joint while the elbow is a stable joint. When the shoulder is injured, one will try to protect it by recruiting the adjacent joints. Unfortunately, this results in the elbow being used as a mobile joint which can lead to pain and injury.

If he started throwing while still having shoulder pain, or even if he’s just lacking confidence in his shoulder, he could have altered his mechanics in the manner described above.