9 year old pitching video - feedback

Hi All,

Here is the video of my 9 year old son pitching in the backyard. He likes pitching and wants to pitch on his team, but I have been hesitant to talk to the coach. I have very little background in baseball so I am not able to tell if he is doing anything wrong. All I have him do is focus on the target and practice. Any feedback from anyone (coach, parent, high school students) will be highly welcome. All I am looking for is some drills that I could practice with him at home in the backyard

I’ll let others offer their comments on mechanics, but from my vantage point it looks like his glove is way too large for him and his concentration on managing his glove transcends into coordination issues with his upper body.

Thanks for your comment Coach Baker. The glove is size 11.5. He has been wearing it for a year now. His last glove was 10.5 and his coach last year suggested to get one size higher. I can try with last year’s glove.

I am not really sure what is he doing wrong that needs to corrected… I am just seeking some guidance so that he does not get into any bad habits

Somehow, the glove size that you mentioned shouldn’t present a problem. However, like I mentioned, looking at his managing the glove does look awkward. But then again, my perspective does have its limitations.

I’m curious though why his coach would recommend a larger glove? Did this coach tell you why? Did this coach point out certain things that your son should or should not be doing?

Could you post some video of your son just playing catch? Nothing special with respect to a pitcher’s motion, just some relaxed movements on your son’s part. Try a distance of no greater than 40 feet. Let’s see how he moves without trying to be letter perfect pitching wise.

I should mention that at 9 years of age, your boy has a lot of muscular maturing to do. His motor skills and muscle memory will start to kick in during is early teenage years and you’ll probably see noticeable improvements with his coordination and other things. So, just be a little patient with his progress. Pitching is one of the most demanding mental and physical things asked of the human body. If it were all that easy, I would have been out of job years ago.

Balldad keep in mind there are 11.5 adult gloves and 11.5 youth gloves, as the father of a 9 year old also, he uses an Rawlings Gamer 11.5 glove. He has used it a few years, not sure if Rawlings still makes them but it is a PT series glove which is Pro-Taper it is designed like the adult version with smaller finger stalls and wrist opening to fit the hand of a youth player. Do a little research you will see what I am talking about. I have watched many of players try to keep an adult glove on their hand because their parents simply didn’t know there was a difference.

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Remember, pitching is a full body motion. His glove side is almost non-existent. I’d have to say, that glove is huge and he seems to keep it fingers-up to keep it on his hand. I like the long stride and the throwing arm motion. His posting leg doesn’t seem to be adding any push. It’s tough to tell in slow motion, but it seems he’s dragging his posting leg behind his body instead of having it propel him forward.

Here is an updated video for my son whose is now 10. We’ve had him take some lessons last winter and will do the same this year as well. He had a great spring/summer

Any feedback is welcome