9-year old pitching and sore elbow


OK…let me start off by saying I was one of those idiot dads until I found this website tonight. I have been telling my son to throw over the top. He has only recently started pitching and today complained of a sore elbow after taking infield…said he felt a “zapping” sensation. I of course had been telling him to throw over the top…idiot! Now that I know I have been in the wrong, can you please provide me with some very basic coaching tips. I don’t even really want him to pitch as my arm was a disaster by the time I got into high school…but his coach has assured me that he will watch pitch count and did a great job in seeding tourney this past weekend where he used 10 pitchers in 11 innings. Thanks in advance for any guidance!


Welcome! Glad you’re here. Could be your son’s arm is going through some early season soreness, which is common. Just want to be sure it’s not pain. Can you post some video of your son so we can make suggestions based on his current motion?


With kids that young, I tend to focus on head and glove. Make sure they keep their head upright until ball release. And make sure they don’t let the glove drop or swing out to the side - they should control the glove and stabilize it in front of their torso.


Thanks for the feedback. I will videotape him tonight. I just want him to throw in a way that is going to keep his arm healthy so that he can enjoy the game until he is ready to give it up…not be forced to give it up because of a screwed up arm.

Thanks again and I will get video posted tonight.


Does he have pain when throwing in the outfield / playing catch , or just when “pitching” from the mound?


Update. We threw inside (gym) last night and I told him to throw the way he felt most comfortable. I had been telling him to throw over the top and to pull his arm back…again I know…stupid. He had no pain in his elbow!

I did shoot video to post but am having a hard time getting it downloaded onto my computer. Will try again tonight. Thanks again for the responses and I will try to post video.


Take a look at this i have an 8 year old going through pretty much the start of what could be this. with the same excact sypmtoms. Which could also just be sore from throwing hard. We play travel ball and he throws 58mph. We’ve been doing ice, heat, ice and its made a world of difference. Hope that helps. :smiley:


My son also had soreness at age 9 and I got him to a professional pitching coach to start developing propper mechanics early on. This forum can give you some advice but unless someone sees him in real lfe pitch that knows what they are looking at then I think it is a crap shoot at best. That age is so critical for developing good solid habits in their pitching style.