9 Year Old Pitching Analysis

Any feedback on my son’s pitching would be grateful

A few suggestions:

(1) He likes to lean to the glove side. That can destroy hip and shoulder separation and can pull the release point back. Get him to keep his head upright. Also, move him to the glove side of the rubber to help minimize the posture issue.

(2) Control the glove better by stabilizing it in front of torso. This will help avoid posture issues and early shoulder rotation.

Otherwise, looks pretty good for a 9yo.

I notice that he is stepping way to the right vs right at the catcher. I don’t know if that is from a balance issue in the post, because the landing changes pitch to pitch, or that is where he wants to go. So work on balance in the post first, then drive straight to the catcher reducing the distance as much as possible to home (even lengthening his stride). This might be part of why he bends to the left so much. I would say that he also bends over too far at the completion of the throw, looks like he has been doing towel drills which I don’t really like. Just get the throwing hand to come down over the left knee not all the way to the ground.

thanks for the input, any good drills out there to keep his head on the glove, preventing the leaning? thanks

I don’t know about drills but there are some things in his mechanics that I would work on, first when he comes to the post there seems to be a good deal of rotation in his body which causes him to swing up and actually turn a little to 2nd base. Work on just picking up the left foot and not swinging it up into a good balances post position. Next is work of where he plants his front foot, left foot, and make sure it’s the same place every time a little left of a center line to the catcher and stretch it down the mound.