9 year old pitching advice with videos


My son has been pitching for 6 months. Just turned 9. Never been to a pitching coach or etc. What advice or suggestions does everyone have that I should work on with him? Drills or any advice is appreciated.


He is 9.
Make sure he is having fun.
Don’t get wrapped up in mechanical perfection.
Play catch with him often (not on a mound, just dad and son playing catch…enjoy that time as much as you can before he is too big and throws to hard for you to play catch).
When playing catch with him have him warm up then throw as hard as he can…have him practice throwing hard.
Learning to throw hard first is great and he will enjoy it.
Don’t worry about balls and strikes or pitching technique for a couple of more years at the least.
When playing catch and he is throwing hard have him focus throwing hard and hitting your glove as a target.
Did I mention, have fun?


I agree with with having fun throwing, but a couple of things could be incorporated at this age without a lot of work. They are very fundamental ideas.

Though the third vid is abbreviated, I like the finish position much better. He looks to have been over his front leg and his follow through took the pitching arm to the front leg/knee. His release in the first two vids were too high. I’m betting the release in the third was much further in front of his body- a good thing.

The other thing is that he needs to work on is the glove hand. It should extend out in front of him and then come back to the chest as the throwing hand comes forward.

His landing foot is pointed at the plate which is good and his stride is nice and long. If he’s stepping directly at the plate the chances that he will throw the ball over is greatly increased.

Again, as mentioned above- let him have fun. Make a game of what you are trying to get him to change.


I also agree with keeping it fun.

But there are a couple mechanical elements I’d keep an eye on just to avoid letting your son develop bad habit. The first is posture and balance. Posture and balance form the foundation of a good delivery. The idea is to adopt a starting posture that you have the functional strength to maintain through the delivery. This helps you maintain balance through the delivery.

The second is the glove. As 2022dad mentioned, your son could stand to extend the glove arm out front more, But once it is there, turn it over as the shoulders start to rotate and stabilize it there while bringing the body to the glove. Do not pull the glove back as that usually results in early shoulder rotation and can be a hard habit to break down the road.