9 year old pitching a cutter


my son came home after a pitching coach told him it iwas ok throw a cutter. i was upset i was taught that he should pitch a two seam and four seam and change up. also his coach pitch him well over 90 pitches . he pitched 3inngs on tues off on wednesday and three inngs on thursday and two inngs on friday. was going to pitch him on sat. that is when we stopped him. Told coach no pitching until wednesday he had to much already


Your son’s coaches are abusing him. Click on the link below.



Pitch Smart is excellent. I also wrote an expanded article on all the factors that can lead to arm trouble here which was shared and referenced by Pitch Smart on Twitter:



Well over 90 pitches…aka 100 or more pitches? There is nothing wrong with that pitch total, only the frequency that he pitches. He’s not getting enough rest between performances.

Depending upon how many pitches he threw in those first 3 innings on Tuesday, he should not have pitched again until Thursday and should not have pitched again until Monday or Tuesday.


Did he throw the 90 pitches all at once? Drop the cutter and the two seam and have him concentrate on the four seam and the change. A 9u player should not throw more than about 60-65 pitches in any one game. If he is throwing 3 innings in 25 pitches that changes the story considerably.


… Isn’t that boreder lime child abuse? Most kids start pitching at the age of 9. Most of the pitchers I know didn’t develop anything else until they were 12. Plus I don’t even thing the cutter would have movement let’s say he throws 45MPH and the ball has 45ft. to move it probably doesn’t even move (no offense to your child) but this coach seems crazy I wouldn’t teach him a cutter until 11 at the earliest more so 12 or 13


My 9-year old was taught the same thing on Saturday and wants to throw it in tonight’s game? What is the typical timeline for effectively using a new pitch in a live game.


The first check point should be whether or not he has command of hi 4FSB and CU, and as was mentioned, the distance and velocity a 9YO throws makes the cut a non-factor.