9 year old pitcher

I have a few questions my son is nine and playing minor league fall ball, he is a pitcher and ss. What are your thoughts on getting him pitching lessons? He will pitch great for the first two innings-then comes the third and he starts walking kids he is only throwing about 20 pitches the first two inning-why is this? Also how many kids should a pitcher his age walk per inning? Thanks.

I consider 9 and 10 to be the cut-off age for lessons. Of the kids that age, some are able to comprehend and perform what’s taught to a reasonable degree while others are not quite ready. If your son is not to that point yet, save your money for another year or so.

As for the walks after two innings, it could be anything. Maybe he tires then. Maybe his mental state changes. (Does he worry about getting taken off the mound or out of the game at that point?) Tough to say for sure.

My son started pitching when he was 7 and his coach wisely limited him to 1 inning…2 max. He recently turned 10 and now has the stamina to go 4 plus without much problem. He 's not had lessons but I do try to remind him of the basics from time to time. I agree with Roger, save your money until he’s a bit older.