9 year old looking for help on his mechanics

I was looking for help, please reply.[/b]

At this age, keep it simple and fun. The two main things I focus on at this age is stabilizing posture and glove.

For posture, simply get him to keep his head upright and online with the target. No head movement side-to-side, back towards 2B or up/down (except for a gradual down movement over the course of the stride). He might find it easier to do this with some bend in the knees and waist. Basically, put him in an athletic position where he has the strength to stabilize posture and take his head straight to the target.

For glove, get his to extend his glove arm out front to mirror the throwing arm, and then keep it out there while bringing his chest towards his glove. The glove will swivel over as the shoulders rotate but should remain in about the same position as when it was first extended out front.

These two things will create a good foundation for control/consistency.