9 year old left handed pitcher mechanics, please help

Hi all,

This video is a 9 year old (just turned 9 at the beginning of May) left handed pitcher. I could use some help analyzing his mechanics. I believe he is not striding far enough and is breaking too soon. I also notice he is not tucking the glove tight to his chest. Anything else?

On the positive side, note how well he fields his position. :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help.

2 pitches is kinda tough to assess…great snag though. It looks like his whole body is facing the plate before he starts his arm…timing, work on teaching him fundemental throwing motions so he understands the mechanical sequence of pitching…he also looks confident that really helps

I can get some more video next time he practices, I will try to get it from the 1B side and closer as well.

Upon further review I notice that he has almost no hip/shoulder separation. I’m not even going to start with the pronation. :wink:

I worked with him on stride length because he was short striding. Timing is proving trickier as he wants to get that arm up and cocked and hold it there before the plant foot lands. Not sure where he got that habit, but it’s difficult to break. I keep telling him to wipe the ball on his butt in an attempt to get him to drop it by his hip for the arm circle. Any other suggestions?

He is…he loves to pitch, always wants to practice, and is not afraid to fail.

This is a portion of a post I did on Munster, it is what I’d recommend for this boy also…I’d also say that not forcing pronation is the way to go, let his arm throw the pitch, it will pronate but keep the hand behind the ball. A simple way to keep that happening is to get a piece of electrical tape around the axis and the idea is to make it make a line that doesn’t wobble.

[color=blue] first and foremost fundemental throwing, start from one knee (Arm side down, glove side toe pointed at what would be the batters back foot or inside corner on a lefty) start from that hi cocked perspective and have him rotate the trunk and bring his chest to his glove (Which is out front at about 45 degree with the thumb down) and deliver the ball, this will also assist you in getting his arm up a little, do this for 15-20 throws at about 15-20 feet then stand and do it again, back up do it again to whatever distance the mound is…this isn’t at full speed just tossing and throwing properly. This should be done every time to throw and have him throwing to a target (Your glove right in front belly button high).
2 other drills I always like on a kid this age are toe touches/taps and step behinds, both should be done from the mound or rubber when there is no mound and to a specific target.
The toe taps are from the stretch go from knee lift to foot strike 3 times (It works on posture and timing) on the third one go ahead and hand break and deliver, work on getting the front foot down as the hand reaches hi cocked, step behinds are just a modification of that and it brings momentum into the picture. start from the stretch aspect behind the rubber, step your front foot onto the rubber, bring your back foot behind and step to where you’d normally place your foot, knee lift and deliver, this should be done in one fluid motion…it’ll take a small amount of practice before he gets it, it also works on posture and timing but it also lets him feel where his knee should orient…it will also help him feel how to open his hips properly. Remember fundementals, posture and timing…his velo and accuracy will improve.
Let us know… [/color]

Do these drills over time, don’t try too much, keep him interested and happy about baseball…At his age I’d make sure he has plenty of other things to do and interests…my boy was in martial arts and it was a tremendously positive thing (He ended up fighting in the Jr. Olympics in the Metrodome).