9 year old good mechanics or future arm trouble? No clue

My son is a pitcher on our u9 team. He has lost the strike zone and in my opinion it looks like he is throwing with only his arm. I no nothing about pitching and would love some feedback. I know he needs lessons.


At any age, throwing with just the arm indicates trouble ahead. What he needs is to get his whole body into the action, using the legs, the hips and the torso to generate the power behind his pitches—something I call “The Secret”, which I learned many moons ago. I would suggest that he get a really good pitching coach (a professional pitcher would be ideal) who can teach him the basics, including this essential element of good mechanics. It’s never too early to start, and a lot of trouble could be avoided. :baseballpitcher:

Thanks for the feedback. I know professional lessons are needed, I was just looking for some feedback from people without a financial interest in helping my son.

He does indeed appear to be throwing all arm. What he looks to be doing is mimcing what he’s seen others do.
In order to pitch he’s going to need to get his legs, hips, and core involved. There are some basic exercises you can do with him to get him on the right track. The first would be the hershiser drill to het the hips involved. You can look on you tube for it.
A pitching coach can definitely help. Just find one who is good for your son and works well with beginners.

How tall is that portable mound?

Thanks for the answers. I don’t know the height of the mound, only that it is the one our U9 team uses in games.

Turn 22. The other day I googled some Tom House practice drills on the advice of a friend and he also mentioned the Hershiser drill as well. We practiced it last night and it looks to be helping him get his weight back.

I appreciate the feedback.

Once he gets the hang of the hershiser drill place a piece of tape on the floor in a straight line out from the “rubber”. Work on keeping the weight back while striding straight to the plate. His arms should get to equal but opposite positions during his stride from his hand break.

  1. he needs to stride further,

For example : Roy Oswalt, Darvish, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux

  1. he needs to place his glove around his chest

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