9 year old... Critique please

He has pitched 5 games this season… This game shown he threw 65 pitches… Had slight elbow pain next day… Can u tell enough from this video to view his mechanics… I will get closer video in a few days …What do I need to change… Thanks


Need more zoomed-in video, please. If your camera won’t zoom, get on the field during practice or warm-ups to video his mechanics.

These are good videos, especially this one:

I don’t feel qualified to put in my $0.02 on any mechanical flaws at this time.

Since nobody has responded :frowning: I guess I’ll add my 0.02, for what it’s worth.

Here he is at foot plant, I think:

This might indicate what people call “rushing” – the arm is not up in the full cocked position at foot plant.

I’m still hoping others will weigh in on this one.

Honestly, the biggest thing I see is, he needs some balance. He is going through the motions of a windup but he’s not very efficient with it.

The purpose of the windup and front leg kick is build momentum and balance in order to deliver the ball with velocity and accuracy. In the videos all of his weight is transferred forward to a point of inbalance. This alone can put additional stresses on the joints, especially the elbow, especially when throwing with intent.

Also he is short arming the ball to a cocked position from the glove. Meaning that he is rushing his arm to a throwing position. Again, I believe this translates back to the lack of balance.