9 y.o. pitching


Seeking advice and tips for my 9 y.o. son. Thank you.


Looking good so far.
He’s got some coordination to work out, but that’s not at all uncommon. This is all new.

The only things I’d work on at this point:

  1. keeping his glove side strong and not get the floppy/saggy thing going on.
    He points his elbow at the target, which is fine and he starts with the glove in relatively good shape, but when he’s bringing the throwing arm around, he sort of looses control of the glove side. He should keep it still…keep it up and bring his chest to the glove in the direction of home plate.
  2. keep his throwing arm straight back longer
    He’s getting to the cocked position (arm up in an L) very early in his stride. This means his arm is ready to go, but he has to wait for his body to catch up. He should not get up into that position until just prior to his stride foot touching down. Currently, he’s halfway through the stride and the arm is already up.


Coach Paul, thank you very much.
Would it be advisable to delay his hand break a fraction of a second? Teach that he should feel his stride starting to come down before breaking his hands? Something else? Again, thank you for the advice.


I don’t think about hand break other than that your body will tell you when it absolutely has to break the hands to avoid a balance problem. If you CAN break them later, then yes you should.


Updated videos. Subject line is now outdated, as he turned 10. I was playing around with the Flipagram app. I realize my camera view would be better from the 3rd base side.

Thoughts? Thanks.


I posted these October updates during a stretch of low activity on LTP.com, and as a result, didn’t have any feedback. There’s been a lot of talk on the site lately, so I’m bring it back to the top.

It’s basketball season now so Ryan won’t be throwing for a while, but I’m interested in any feedback. Thanks.


Looks much improved since the earlier videos - better coordination and strength. Better mechanics too.

I do think he’s not fully using his lower half but that’s fairly common for young kids. You could have him start practicing the NPA’s Hershiser drill and Cross-over drill to start getting him to use to shifting his center of mass (i.e. his hips or butt).

It also looks like his “equal & opposite” is off a little in that his glove arm is a little short compared to his throwing arm. A short front side is a quick front side which can lead to early shoulder rotation. Get his to extend his glove arm more to match his throwing arm.

Finally, keep an eye on the head tilt. It’s best to keep the head upright.