9 Inning Games

Alright so we’re going to our conference tournament in less than a week. Our pitching staff is a little thin because on of our guys moved down south and one of them got hurt pitching.

We have been playing 7 inning games all year (we’ve played two 9 inning games due to extra innings) and the conference and state tournaments are both set up with 9 inning games.

So odds are we need people to pitch complete games or at least go real deep. I’ve pitched 3 complete games in a row so I know I can get through 7 just fine.

We have a divisional doubleheader two days prior to the tourney starting so odds are (depending on how we do) I will be pitching either the first or second game of the tourney.

Any tips on pitching a 9 inning game? Particularly should I change anything to try and go all 9 innings or should I just pitch the way I’ve been pitching and hopefully I can get all 9?

You change something you are asking for injury or having the other team retrieving balls hit over the fence. Eat well, sleep well, keep your routine solid and get yourself out of there when you have a loss of energy or technique or anything that wont allow you to pitch the next day too. Good luck I don’t envy the position of a team that doesn’t have enough pitching.

As a starting pitcher I used to go nine innings all the time. The important thing to remember is PACE YOURSELF. 8) :slight_smile: