8yr old pitching 55mph consistent

I was trying to find out how rare this is?

I googled this and found a chart on here… stating if ‘your kid threw that hard you wouldn’t be asking because scouts would be on my front lawn’… anyone know where that article is?

No scouts on my front lawn :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t actually see them looking at 8 year olds

Is your boy right at 8 or closer to 9? Don’t get me wrong 55 at 8 is great but so many variables to it as well. If he’s tall for his age, big for his age. Many, many factors. My kid threw 50 at 8 which was pretty good. And has gone up 5mp each year. Now that’s top speed he sits around 3-4mph less in games but would hit that top speed in games. I have also recorded his speeds with the same gun each year in July. Which by then he is at his half birthday, so he should be on the upper end by then. Is he the fastest? No not by far, but he’s also biologically his birth age as well. So he is not big, actually a little taller but very skinny.

He is closer to 9. June 2011… well he’s in the middle I guess.

He is 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. He doesn’t enjoy baseball… he’s actually a basketball player (I come from a family of basketball players) but his dad was a pitcher… I don’t know if pitching is genetic though…

I have a 10 year old and throws the same speed but he is much thinner and has very long arms and legs (5’4 105 pounds wearing a 30 inseam, arm length from armpit to wrist 21 inches)… so this was my indicator that maybe my little guy has a “natural arm”

So I had him do some biometrics I think it was called… I thought if somehow I could show him he has a talent he wouldn’t “hate” it so much.

Ok cool, so a little shorter but not a lot less in weight then your older boy. Ok my son just turned 12 and is 90lbs. So 10lbs less but he’s 5’2 so a tad taller. Late July when he was 5’ and 86lbs he topped out at 65. Which was smaller than what your boy was but faster. And like I said he is one of the faster at 11u last year. But still not the fastest for AAA players which he plays. So she wise yes he is fast. If he can control it he could dominate with just the fastball. Mix in a circle change in a year or 2 and he would have fun on the mound. That is if his speed keeps going up as well. But remember sounds like he is throwing that fast because of his size. If he was 4’5” throwing that fast at 8/9 I’d say that was great. It all comes down to the size of the kids till they hit puberty. That’s when things even out and the bigger kids get caught up too. Could they stay on the curve of being big and keep pitching fast? Sure that happens as well but not as often as a kid being a early maturer bigger and faster pitcher that throws that way because he’s the biggest in his grade. My kid plays basketball as well. If you can keep him in both as long as you can. They compliment each other so well. I don’t mean till 12/13 I’m talking through hs if you can. Then he will know what sport to do it he’s athletic enough to play in college.

Here is the page your looking for. But remember, this really only works if your kid isn’t so big like yours is.


Not to be the wet blanket here but it really does not matter at all. Particularly if he does not like baseball but really that too is beside the point. Having above average velocity at 7,8,9,10,11, etc… is not particularly predictive of where they will be velocity wise after puberty.

Thank you all. Yes I looked up stats of most pitchers pros are around 6’4” plus… I figured it was physics … taller male… longer arms… closer to plate at release and power and leg length

Then I also looked up what scouts look for for each Division of college and seems the taller you are at a younger age the higher the division.

He doesn’t like baseball because it’s “boring” I think though when he’s of age to understand more maybe he will get into it.

If he’s a phenom (which was kind of what I was gathering from onlookers) then I will force him to play … or at least not quit altogether.

He will be tall - I’m 5’11 and his dad was 6’3…I just don’t know how tall because he’s not on the chart…

Couldn’t find any research on wether or not this is genetic ??

Thank you for the article that was the one that came up on google.

Mine just turned 11. When he was 7 he threw 55mph. He would consistently strike out 9U kids. He is a big, strong kid but not as tall as yours at the time. He is currently 5’3" and 133lbs. He plays for a top 25 major team (nationally). At 8, he had growth plate issues. I believe his elbow simply couldn’t put up with the torque. Too much stress. He is fine now but hasn’t progressed like I thought he would. He lived at 63 mph last year and if I were to guess, he will probably be touching 64mph to start the season. Everyone pitches. Someone mentioned puberty in an earlier post. Mine is nowhere near puberty as of now. We run into kids all the time that are close to 6 ft and are straight throwing gas 70mph+. Pretty fast at 50ft. Balls come off the bat awfully hard from these kids too. A wise man once told me “nothing matters until they hit puberty.” I agree with that because I see the huge difference in the kids that are vs. the ones that aren’t. Go watch a good major tourney down south and I think you’ll come back down to earth with expectations. There are always kids out there that are better/further along with development. Hopefully he will turn into a pitcher one day. Good luck!