8yo video analysis

Hey guys,

My son is 8yo and is big for his age- 5’1” and 112lbs. He loves pitching but is getting a sore shoulder and elbow after throwing 20 balls. I’m sure his mechanics aren’t good but I don’t know what to recommend to him so his arm doesn’t hurt. Even playing catch for a while will hurt. Please let me know what you think!

that is not a sustainable throwing motion. he has some major supination going on. notice how his forearm moves laterally instead of perpendicularly after he’s at max external rotation? His hand is coming off the right side of the ball and delaying is pronation. that’s bad for both the shoulder and the elbow. he’s extending his arm when it should stay at a 90 bend at the elbow and the hand should travel over the top of the elbow almost like he’s arm wrestling. The arm’s strongest position is at 90 degrees. Try arm wrestling with your arm almost fully extended and see that there is almost no power and someone could really do some damage to your elbow and shoulder.

Thanks for the feedback and info CoachPaul, I truly appreciate it. I didn’t realize until watching the slo-mo that his elbow was so out of position. I want to take another video from straight behind him to see how far out of 90 deg his elbow is, but from this first video it looks pretty bad. I don’t think that’s normal for him, so we’ll double check. Thanks again