8yo sore pitching arm

Any advice for a 8yo guy starting out? He’s pretty big for his age but having trouble with a sore arm when pitching. Thanks for any input you might have.

I have no real eye for mechanics, I’m just a pitcher/ MIF and just looking at this something seems off but I don’t have an eye to tell what wait for coach baker or Paul.

Thanks for the reply Bunyan236. I know his elbow is not positioned well and its causing him pain just to play catch for 15 mins, much less pitch a few innings. He started the season strong and was able to pitch fine, but it’s gotten worse in the last 5 weeks and I know it’s not correct. Thanks again, we’ll keep working on it.

I would suggest that your son not pitch again this year. I would request that he play first base (limited throwing). See what a year does for him.

Thanks for the feedback. That might be what we end up doing. He pitched only a few batters last night and was visibly hurting. I don’t want him to damage his arm or cause injury that could have been prevented.

I have had arm troubles in the past and went to physical therapy, I would recommend working on shoulder excersises to build up stability for the elbow. That’s was the physcicians told me.

First off teach him how to throw correctly when just having a catch. He breaks his hands real early from what I can tell in the video. Try getting him to break his hands a little later as his foot is coming down to land. This should keep his elbow back where it should be and take the pressure off it when throwing. Secondly if his elbow is hurting him don’t have him throw the ball at all let alone pitch. He might have a slight strain in his UCL. If you give him a week off from throwing the pain will go away, you can then start back up light tossing. I’m not a Dr but have dealt with elbow soreness before. Good luck

Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry I have to ask this- but can you explain what you mean by breaking his hand to early?

His hand with the ball should be in the glove until his lead foot is coming down and striding Home, not when it’s going up.

Pitcher arm pain is usually caused by underuse or overuse.

Underuse often takes the form of the arm not being strong enough for the rigors of the baseball season. Johnny hasn’t thrown in many months, Little League practice starts, and after only a week of practice Johnny is pitching. His arm is not strong enough to pitch and he inflames a growth plate in the elbow or shoulder. Bad. Always have Johnny do a preseason throwing program before the start of season. MLB has developed these age-specific preseason throwing guidelines:

Overuse often takes the form of: pitching too much in one day; pitching too much in one game; not enough days of rest between pitching days; and, throwing and pitching year round. MLB and the MLB Medical Advisory Committee have developed these age-specific pitching guidelines:

8 & Under - http://m.mlb.com/pitchsmart/pitching-guidelines-ages-8-and-under

9-12 - http://m.mlb.com/pitchsmart/pitching-guidelines-ages-9-to-12

13-14 - http://m.mlb.com/pitchsmart/pitching-guidelines-ages-13-to-14

15-18 - http://m.mlb.com/pitchsmart/pitching-guidelines-ages-15-to-18

I replied on the other thread

He is not adept right now to pitch. He shouldn’t be pitching until his coordination is better. He is pushing the ball as he throws. His arm/hand finish at the same height of his rellease. His arm hand should finish down near the hip or below. This is causing elbow strain. As an other poster mentioned, he isn’t physically ready to pitch.

Here is a simple rule: If there is pain, STOP doing it! He needs to learn a full throwing motion and get his shoulder involved, and learn to use his legs better.

There is plenty of time for him to pitch later. It isn’t fun if he is hurting. Go to a park and have him throw the ball over the goal post as he stands 30 feet in front of it and you are some 30 or 40 feet on the other side. Be patient and work with him as he trains to use his shoulder more in the throwing process. Pitching is planting his feet right now. Have him learn a crow hop to use his lower half.