8yo pitcher

I went to one of my friend Franco’s brother’s baseball games on Monday. He’s 8, kind of pudgy, but good enough to star on an AAU team his first year of kid pitch as a first baseman and catcher.

When the 6th inning came around with Anthony’s (Franco’s brother) team up 2-1, Franco turned to me and said “watch this kid”.

On the mound was a kid 8 years old, not even 5 feet tall yet.

His name is Bryce. He was throwing junk. He throws a Forkball, 12-6 Curve, and Changeup. He never learned how to throw a fastball.

This kid was amazing though. First batter, three straight forkballs, and a strikeout. next batter 12-6 curve 3 times and another K. next batter throws the changeup 3 straight times, and gets a backwards K.

Bryce is nasty. But he’ll screw up his arm. How long do you think he can get away with this?

as long as hitters arent used to see movement, then he’ll just stop pitching.

seriously though, the biggest junkballer in mlb Livan Hernandez needs a fastball, even if it’s a 81mph fastball.

Whoever is allowing this kid to throw like that should be sue’d for to medical bill when it comes for the surgery… cause it will. Tell him to enjoy little league, because by the time he gets to high school he’ll probably be toast.

Forkball? I can’t think of many (any) 8-y/os that could grip a baseball like this:

He definitely is a forkballer. But yes I agree he will be toast by high school. The good thing is he’s a better outfielder than pitcher

he doesn’t throw a true forkball…at 8?? NOT POSSIBLE. also how can you throw a changeup and NO FASTBALL??? a changeup compliments a fastball…if you don’t have a fastball at all then all he’s throwing is a slow ball. not a changeup.

Only guys I know that throw a fork ball have king kong sized hands, bigger than normal adult hands, and you are saying that this 8 yr old has hands big enough to get completely outside the seams. If he’s not then he has a 2 seamer, not a forkball.

im telling you guys his hands are as big as mine and he throws a forkball. and yes he has no fastball. his arm will be dead soon


it doesnt matter if he throws a forkball or not he still throws a curve, his arms gonna be toast an his coach is dum

Well the opinion that a curve ball is harder on your arm than a fastball is fast becoming a myth, curveball however are more dificult to throw properly and a improperly thrown curveball is harder on your arm, it really just depends on his mechnics during both the curve and forkball. I would think he really should learn a fastball and a change up and use those two pitches right up till be is 12 or 13, then go for the other pitches.