8yo Lefty, twisted wrist on follow through


Hi, My 8yo son was pitching yesterday and I took some photos and noticed that on some, not all, of his pitches his wrist appears to be totally twisted (his palm facing up) on his follow through. Not being an expert I wasn’t sure if this is something I should try to correct. In realtime speed I didn’t notice it, but in the picture (see below) you can clearly see it:

Curious what others think.


Is he throwing only FB now or other type pitches also?


Just fastballs.


If you have video would be helpful to see how he gets to this point. What stands out to me in the still photo is the shoulder tilt and what appears to be an extremely short stride & low glove.


Unfortunately I don’t have video. I know he has other flaws, primarily consistency issues, but I was mainly concerned that the twisted arm was something that could hurt his arm. I’ll take some video next time he pitches.


At 8 years old I’d let him focus more on throwing and less on pitching; think he’ll find more efficiency on his own. Work on intent. When throwing I’d have him work on equal & opposite, glove side control.


It is normal for the throwing arm/wrist/hand to pronate after ball release. And if he wasn’t tilted so much, the pronation wouldn’t look so bad. I’d also be more concerned about the head and spine tilt. Try to get him to keep his head upright.