8th Grade Velocity

I’m in 8th grade, 14 years old, 5’8 140 pounds, I throw low 60’s with my four seam fastball. Is that good?

i throw in the low 70’s and im not 14 yet(im 13). i might be a little advanced but id say that thats about 5-6 mph behind your age. im in 8th grade also 5’9 and 130 lbs, im thinking you throw harder, have you been clocked recently?

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then Velocity


Well i threw low 60’s at the very begining of this season (games hadnt started yet) considering it is 5 games in my fastball is probably higher now.

And ya i agree Command and Movement before Velocity but 1-5 are all ahead of my fastball so i was just woundering if the players im playin against are very good or my fastball is below average.

Im still one of the top pitchers on my team (due to change up and control) but unlike the other pitchers on the team i cant throw a fastball by someone

I think your velocity is fine. Maybe not oh my gosh power arm , but certainly good. You might ask Chris who really is in tune with stuff like this.

Best of all it sounds like you are on the way to becoming a pitcher! Good for you! Ian.

Some kids’ arms may just develop later than other kids. I think you’re alright. Besides, a sub-standard fastball hasn’t hurt Greg Maddux.

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Im 13, 5’7’’ 130lbs. and can top out sometimes at 75mph. U can probably pitch faster if you increased ur tempo or fix any mechanical flaws u have. If u need help u should post a video of u pitching on the mechanics forum

same here im 13, 5’7, 130 lbs and i can top out at 75…hes right mechanics can make or break your velocity one of the most important things with your mechanics is your explosion to the plate you might work on that if havent already

[quote=“ian demagi”]deep sigh:

then Velocity


Amen to that

some of you 13 year olds that say you throw 75-80 i want to see a vidiieo of you throwing that hard

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hey, im 14 and i have been clocked at 64 and i can throw it by people because of one thing…not overpowering velocity but good command of the change-up and fastball. Changing speeds and moving the ball around is probably pretty equal to the overpowering fastballs.

if you want proof you dont need hard fastballs to win listen to this…

i was watching the Tigers game today and it was a very good pitchers duel

each SP had 8 innings, and 1 run allowed each.
The tigers won on a walk-off homer against Octavo Dotel.

The two starting pitchers you ask…Kenny Rogers and Mark Buehrle(sp.?)
Buehrle had 7 hits allowed and 5k’s
Rogers had 4 hits allowed and 1k’s
they both top out on fastballs at 89mph. The reason they both owned today was the control and changing of speeds agaisnt the opposing teams hitters. Both pitchers dominated and had their best outing of the year.

Oh and for the record Dotel, who gave up the game winning homer was clocked on the pitch at 96mph. Speed isnt everything

[quote=“ian demagi”]deep sigh:

then Velocity


totally agree man.

im a disbeliever in you 5’7, 130lbs 13 years olds throwing that hard. good mechs at that age and size will not produce velocity like that. your muscles and bones arent developed enough to take that kind of strain. my sig says i throw 70 but im also 6’1 and 165lbs. i could probably touch 75 but i doubt the pitch will be remotely close to the strike zone.

Im 5 ft 7 in. and i weigh about 165… i have good mechanics and throw hard for my age … i can top out at 70. i am 13 as well…the only way i would believe that some of you other 13 y.o. throw 75…is if you pitch on a mound thats 54 ft, 50 ft, or 46 ft. but definately not 60 ft.

Im 13 and 5’ 7" and 110 pounds and throw 70-73. I’m not in 8th grade yet. I have very efficient mechanics. My stride length is 110% of my height and I workout for three hours in the gym every day.

Edit: At this time I was actually 5’5" I didn’t realize this when I posted this.

Agreed 100% of the way with all the people who say get a video of u throwing that hard im 15 5’7 140 and top 76 and i usually throw low 70s now if your telling me a thirteen year old throws harder than i do then i want them to prove it and not just say it cuz i dont think you have been clocked and if you have must have been bad machines!

I have been clocked and maybe it’s because I have nearly perfect mechanics that I throw that hard. Look at Tim Lincecum he’s 5’10" 170 and he throws upper 90s because he has good mechanics.

Tim lincecum is 24 years old so ya he is gonna throw that hard your 13. i usually throw low 70s and top 76-77 and im in High School going into my sophomore year your thirteen going into you 8th grade year you throw 60s my friend no way 70s unless you are freakin ripped out of your mind and have GREAT mechanics. one other thing is wat were you clocked at 60 ft or 45, 50!?

one more thing if you go back threw all the 8th graders 13 years old “throw” 75 and the 14 year and one of the 13 year old said they throw low 60s which is good when you 13 but 14 year olds can hit 66-69 maybe freshman can hit 70s barely sophomores can hit 75-77 but throw low 70s juniors throw 80 but usually mid to upper 70s senior hopefully 85 and beyond.

all i can say to the 13 year olds is keep working out if you want to throw wat you say u can throw!

I’m going into Grade 9 in September and I am 5’9, 145 lbs. I am throwing right now at 78-79 mph with nice, late movement. I have a decent slider that I use when I’m up on the hitter 0-2 and I have just thrown a 79 mph fastball.

I believe that some of these froshmen can throw that hard… We had a freshman this year… That atleast hit 78 mph.