86mph fastball equal college

hey guys whats up. First off let me say that my fastball average is around 84-87mph. Thats every pitch.

Today i had a wife beater on, pyjamas, and sandles on. I warmed up a little bit and just wanted to screw around with the gun.

Anyways i only threw 3 pitches. but they were 85mph, 87mph,87mph.

Now i don’t have the marks to go to college. Nor do i want to.

I want to walk on to a semi-pro baseball team and just play like that

i don’t mean like AA or AAA divisons in the major league, but the divisions below that. Maybe like a AAA team. Such as the Calgary Vipers.

I know the edmonton capitals and the calgary vipers both had open tryouts this year. But i was playing and could not attend

My question: If they seen me, just a random kid. Would they take me as long as i hit at least 88mph. Maybe even 90mph every pitch.

What do you guys think. I got alright size.

5’10. Maybe even 5’11. 194lbs. I can squat 340lbs 12 times. And can max 440lbs.

So ya i got pretty good size.

What do you guys think would they take me as a walk on, a semi-pro team?

there is a lot more that goes into pitching than just velocity, if you only bring a fastball your going to get wrecked on. Mixing up speeds and location are crucial, so if you are real good at those areas then you may have a shot.

A guy my brother was going to work for his nephew went to a pro tryout camp down in Los Angelas. Anyways he said when the kid pitched, He only wanted the kid to throw 3 pitches as hard as he can. Coach said doesn’t matter if it hits the plate, just throw as hard as possible.

Anyways kid threw 87mph. After that the kid asked the coaches if they wanted to see his changeup or curveball.

The guy said nope. “We can teach you control, and we can teach you how to throw a curveball.” But we can’t teach you velocity

So ya threw 3 pitches and that was it. Thats true though. Its hard to teach velocity. You either got it or not

Some of those coaches are so obsessed with speed that they don’t want to see or hear any more. A guy can have great stuff, great control and all that, but if he can’t throw in the mid-90s at least—it reminds me of a story about a manager who got wind of a young pitcher who was absolutely electric. The manager sent a scout to check out the kid. The scout watched him pitch a terrific game, only one batter got so much as a foul off him. The scout reported this to the manager, and back came the reply: "Sign up the guy who got the foul. We’re looking for hitters!"
The kid could have been the second coming of Nolan Ryan, but the manager wasn’t interested because the kid couldn’t throw 100 miles an hour; he topped out at 94.
My wise and wonderful pitching coach of way back when once told me that if you can’t overpower the hitters you need to be able to outthink and outfox them. And so that was what I did, with control, command, a closetful of offspeed and breaking pitces, and deception and misdirection as he did. And I never lost a game. Maybe you can catch on with a team whose manager is aware that you’re basically a finesse pitcher and will give you a shot at making the team. 8)

You can’t teach velocity I guess, but you sure can work your butt off to get it.

Well BarryBonds999, sounds like you already have it all worked out…why ask questions here…but “the first comment was dead on”, if a team is trying to develop adult and “teach” you control at that point those are guys that are living in a dream world…if all they care about is mph and think that you will be able to develop everything else, I got a bridge in Brooklyn that you might want to buy.

ya i know control and command is very good. I usually go completel games usually every 2nd or 3rd game of mine is a complete game.

But lately when i go to these tryout camps, i tell them i can throw a curveball, slide, cutter.

All they say is " i can teach you how to throw you those"

I can’t teach you velocity

That pisses me off alot

I hate to say it but those tryouts are probably pretty wack

Barry—when those guys say they can teach you to throw a curve or a slider or any breaking pitch, here’s my advice. Be from Missouri—preferably St. Louis—and demand that they show you! Odds are they can’t.
And then YOU show THEM. After that demonstration, turn around and walk away. :slight_smile: