85 MPH RHP Freshman

I am a 15 year old Freshman Pitcher as the 2nd Starter this year for my varsity team. And am wondering if I could go D1? I am 5’11, my dad is 6’3, and my brother is 6’3 at 19. My four seam is accurate and around 85MPH. I can also locate my circle change well and it goes at around 78MPH, I have a 12/6 curve that goes 68MPH and can locate decently. I also have a 2-seam that I can locate at 82MPH. What Velocity could I reach? What Collages could I go to?

You’re In a good spot.

D1 will typically look for low 90s (CONSISTENTLY), with a minimum of 2 good pitches. You can’t tip a pitch, either. Another thing is your composure - if you get rattled easily, that’s a strike against you. If you can get there by senior year and locate it, you’ll be golden.

Something that’s overlooked if your GPA. When they talk to you, they want a kid with a head on his shoulders who will raise the team GPA. Just remember that.

If your throwing 85 and still have some growing to do as a freshman, you’ll have no trouble getting into a D1 school as long as you work hard and keep your grades up. People also overestimate how hard you need to throw to go D1, you will definitely have to sit somewhere in the 88-95 range if you want to go to a big time program such as a SEC or ACC school. However, I’ve seen pitchers throw in the 85-88 range and still go and have very successful D1 careers if you are willing to go to a small school up in the Northeast or Midwest. In fact, programs would rather take a chance on a prospect with great mechanics and good command throwing mid 80’s than throwing 90 with no command. If I were you, here’s what you should be aiming for year by year.
Freshman ---- 85 mph
Sophomore ---- 88 mph
Junior ---- 91 mph
Senior ----- 93 mph