Im 13 and i pitch around 80-83 is this good for 13?

…You should know better than to ask that…throwing 80 at 13 is great obviously. Im 14 and i can only get to 76-80. Though I’m probably smaller than you being at 5’7.

omg that is so fast.

that is really fast for your age. Im 16 and I throw a bit slower than that!


[quote=“Bower”]Don’t get cocky. Growths spurts can happen early. Imagine you stop growing and you stay around 80-83 and your a senior on varsity. Then your not so amazing. Just becuase you have huge gains now doesn’t mean you will add much more.

You could be lieng or making it up just for attention which at times is the case on this website. Either way I know what will happen next. You consider yourself a power pitching blowing by everyone throwing it right down the pipe with a good curveball that gets a lot of people out. Then you make it to your later high school and early college years getting pounded because you can’t put the ball where you want to.


You don’t have good enough mechanics and hurt your arm before you get a chance to use your fantastic talent.

Now if you master mechanics control, change of speeds and velocity which is already there. You will be college bound.[/quote]

Well aren’t you Mr. Happy. Was it really necessary to rain on his parade like that? Whats that I smell…jealousy?

Gotta go with the Pitchking here Bower…all you said may have some truth but that isn’t the spirit we try to foster here…because everything you said could also be wrong…give him the benefit of the doubt and encourage him…the speed he’s saying he throws is good, now once that is established work on developing the other aspects of the art.

Wow, I smell sour grapes Bow… Jeepers.

Who knows, the kid may be a phenom who also has good command and other sharp pitches. Let’s encourage this guy.

Yes, 80-83 is very good for a 13 year old. I’ve worked with some 13 year olds and had one who threw about 77, and that was some pretty good cheese.


You seem to be the only person here who thinks its a stupid question.

And why do you assume that he is exaggerating? I toped out at 82 at 13, and played with 3 guys who threw between 80 and 84 as 13 year olds.


Sorry but I bet to differ.

So you assume he thinks it is a stupid question because he said “you should know better…”.
You can Beg* to differ all you want, but there is no need to tell the kid what he asks is a stupid question. Maybe he genuinely wanted to know.

I spoke my word no one liked it I’m mature enough to take it back. I don’t care enough to argue it.

everyone is so sensitive when it comes to velocity on this website.

Jus gotta face the facts, there are some genetic freaks out their that throw hard.

hey im a junior in high school thris year an im 6’ 145-150 and i can throw low 80’s an top out arund 84-85 wud i be able to throw 90 by my senior year

No one can say until you get there, bud. But keep working at it and you’ll get better, even if you don’t get much faster.


Well set high 80s as a goal. Pretty tough though. Better to tell us, making a new topic would be politer, about what you do now. How often do you lift weights. Are your mechanics maximizing your strength? Do you longtoss, or ever considered weighted baseballs? How often do you pitch? Lots of small details equate to added velocity.

To be honest with you i dont to any of those things ive lifted weights probably a total of 15 times in the past year an it was when i had like a wicked gym phase for about 3 weeks. I havent got to play much long toss this year cuz i hurt my arm in january it bothered me all thru high school while i had to play short. My arm didnt feel 80% untill the middle of the summer which is when i started throwing i threw 14 innings with 36k’s but the competetion wasnt very good. Im really lazy and ive never done much working out for baseball ive just been naturally good with strength wise i can throw pretty hard and i have a lot of power…so thtats why im wondering if i got it together if i would be able to throw90

i agree with bower he can speak his word if its truly what he believes can’t you guys just get along and stop getting mad about everything. like seriously everything everyone has an enemy on this site lol. and the fact that the one kid said it was a stupid question to ask well ya kinda but you shouldn’t say that true but i mean seriously. Bower is mature enough so stop messing with him

you will but get someone to motivate you cuz no one is perfect every needs work in some area you know.