8 yr old with 3 finger grip

My 8 yr old grips the ball with 3 fingers. Isn’t that going to pretty much limit him to a 4 seam fastball and not much else?

Until his hand gets bigger…but at 8 you don’t need to do anything but deliver and do it repeatedly :smiley: , I don’t recommend destabalizing him by making him adjust until he’s comfortable.

Just think of how easy its going to be for him to throw a CU off his FB when he gets old enough to throw it with only the conventional 2 fingers and thumb! What he’d doing right now in essence, is throwing a CU every time.

In essence, the kid is throwing a three-finger changeup. Nothing wrong with that. And he can do things with it—such as moving the index and middle fingers or the middle and fourth fingers closer together; he could grip the ball further back in the palm of his hand or further forward, or tighten the grip or loosen it—let him experiment and see what he comes up with. No one can have too many changeups, and he’s on his way to having a few good ones. The important thing is location—control and command of those pitches—and don’t worry about the velocity. If he has that, it will come later. :slight_smile: 8)