8 Year Old

Here is a video taken last night of my 8 year old. He has been struggling with command lately, really inconsistent. Trying to hone in on the problem without getting overly technical since he’s only 8. It appears he is having some head movement/posture issues (e.g., learning toward first base late in his delivery, finishing with his head too far to the first base side, not taking momentum directly to the catcher, looking down and not at the target through the entire delivery, etc., etc.). Pitch 3 of 4 on this vid seems to have the worst head/eye on target issues, which results in the pitch missing high and inside to a righty. That is where he generally misses.

I understand there are probably other issues like hip/shoulder separation issues, but really looking to resolve this directly issue first.

Any thoughts or advice on how to get him to work more to the catcher would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum. I’ll make one suggestion now but will add more if you’re able to get a side view posted.

  1. Your son leans/tilts significantly to the 1B side during release so his shoulders aren’t level.

Instead, his shoulders should be “square” to the plate and level, and his trunk should flex forward directly to the target, not sideways to 1B.

It also makes me think he’s throwing too far “over the top” and that’s not necessarily his natural arm slot.

Try to get a side view posted!

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Thanks Steven, Here is a side vid that I posted here six weeks ago. I posted the one from the back view
to highlight the problem I was seeing with his first base side.