8 year old pitching

This is my baby boy 8 year old pitching in his first tournament. He’s playing with 10 year old’s and giving those older kids a run for their money. I’m very proud of him for working on his pitching, he just needs more experience on the mound. We put a gun on him last night and he throws 47 every pitch (hit 48 once).

If you have 7 minutes to spare and feeling like giving some feedback or constructive criticism that would be great. Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. He struck out the first batter, walked the second on a full count and struck out the third.

Hey for a 8 yr old he looks great, being a lefty a lot of teams are going to want him.

Couple things I see:

  1. really like his solid balance on the post, nice and tall
  2. could work on lengthening his stride a little
  3. Could work on glove side mechnics, pulling the glove back to the body and the elbow a little behind his body (sometimes is better than others)
  4. great leg work, bringing his leg up and over to help decelerate the arm
  5. Like to see him end in a solid, athletic, position to field his position better, sometimes I see his balance quite off at this point, he should end with feet side by side, hips down ready to field.

Repeating his good mechanics would be something that I would really work on, he has some great mechanics and then there are some definate changes with other deliveries so I would work on making them all the same.

Great Job!!! Keep it up!!!

Thank you. I’ll tell him what you said. He came off the mound grinning ear to ear and was pumped up for a day.

Also, thanks for your suggestions…glad to know you are seeing the same as me…longer stride, glove hand and landing ‘ready-position’. Will work on that with him and told him you said so (and not from Dad). He can be a stubborn one so I’ll take it slow. :smiley:

He has some really good talent, might want to start getting him introduced to an instructor, my kids all started with an instructor the fall after their 8u year. I’ll tell you that your son has a more solid style than mine did at 8, you can see that in at least my youngest log.

You should start a log for him, then later on he can start updating it himself.

With an 8yo I’d keep it very simple. Posture and balance is the foundation of a good delivery so I’d start with that and put the focus on getting him to keep his head upright and online with the target as long as possible.

Young kids often try to use their head and shoulders to generate power. They need to be taught to use their lower half and core to create hip and shoulder separation. But posture issues like tilting the head and spine can interfere with that.

My Little Guy pitched again last night and struck out three batters but…he struggled. He walked one and another got a hit. He didn’t seem to be throwing very hard and had some wild throws, think we need more practice time to establish some consistency. On the plus side he’s got a wicked pickoff move and should have had the runner out but ball was dropped by first baseman, oh well…nex time.

Here’s video of him in action pitching last night…

Since the angles are different it’s kinda hard to tell but there may be some little differences in his action, I think he is breaking his hands a little earlier in the second video and stepping a little more to the right vs the first. The hand break could be the cause of the second, maybe delay his hand break a little to get him back to where he was a bit ago.

To help us out, could you upload video’s that are 1-3 pitches max, it really is difficult trying to watch 8-9 minutes of video.

On another note, how many times a week is he pitching, # of pitches, what types of pitches does he throw right now and what do you think his strike vs ball % is?