8 year old pitching struggle


My 8 year old lefty is coming up on his 3rd season of kid pitch and recently started throwing high and left every few pitches, and a hard time staying consistent . I am beyond my experience to fix it. Any tips would be helpful. https://youtu.be/uklMpGmfYZM
It probably isn’t the best camera angle but I also have written down where the pitches ended up.


Without getting all technical with mechanics at such a young age, ask your son if he knows what it feels like to throw a strike. We can give your son all of the advice in the world but being only 8, how much will he truly understand. What he needs at such a young age is to feel what it is like to throw a strike. One of the ways you can teach him how to feel what it is like to throw a strike is to purchase or make a color home plate. When he pitches to you, have him pitch to a color then frame the pitch and let him see the difference between a ball and a strike. Quote from Head Coach Robichaux from Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns - “Pitchers struggle to throw strikes because they can’t feel the difference between a ball and a strike!” This will help give him immediate visual feedback with every pitch. The main thing is to keep it fun for him.


Hope this helps


I’ll add the following…

Missing up and to the throwing arm side is usually caused early shoulder rotation which is, itself, usually caused by posture changes or glove issues (dropping, pulling back or swinging out to the side). In your son’s case, I do see some inconsistency in his glove control. So, there are two things I suggest considering:

  1. Your son pauses at the top of his knee lift as if he is doing the old balance point drill. In addition to the balance point drill being bogus (balance is a dynamic that occurs throughout the entire delivery), the “pause at the top” extends the amount of time during which he has to manage his glove. So, eliminate the pause.

  2. To make it easier for your son to manage his glove pitch after pitch, inning after inning, I suggest getting him as light a glove as possible that still meets your/his comfort and quality desires. The glove in the video looks a bit large (and, therefore, heavy) as if it is an outfielder’s glove.