8 year old pitching help

Any help i can get with my sons motion would be appericated.
8 year old been pitching for about an year.

Honestly, your son looks really good for an 8 year old. really smooth.

One thing I noticed is his glove side could be more under control, finishing tucked to the glove side of his body.

Second, he could finish better with his post leg. His leg seems to drag and stay there without coming around to finish.

Thanks for the kindwords.
We are putting more time on his glove hand and trying to get that leg to come around.We are having some controll issues lately but he is one of the tops 8 year olds.In little league he is playing with nine and ten year olds.

What control issues is he having? it could all be related.

Sometimes he is either throwing really high then he will throw a couple in the dirt.
His pitch naturally moves right to left so sometimes is moves to far left

Missing high could be a result of not releasing his back side and the lack of glove control. Other than that he is only 8 so some control issues are going to be there.

Some younger kids have trouble making small adjustments to fix location problems.

Thank you for all your input.
We have just started him on th Tuff Cuff Jr program so hopefully that will help Him alot.

His back leg looks a little stiff but overall pretty good.

thanks newyorkmets5 he has worked very hard on his motion… We are really concentrating on his glove side mechanics and his conditioning right now.