8 year old pitcher looking for help

I would like some advice what my sons mechanics need adjusting

Despite the slippery surface/rubber cleats, he seems fundementally sound.
Developing from this mech will be a good starting point going forward.
It looks like he means it too 8)

Yeah if anything he throws with a purpose. Just sometimes he is so worry about strikes he starts to aim it

Well if I’m slippin like he is, I’m missing too…you do want him to “not aim” but I think he’ll be more accurate in better footing.

The mech is something he can learn to trust, that if he repeats it he will hit the spot he wants.

At 8 he isn’t going to be strong enough to maintain the discipline too long…when it fades…pull him. I recommend stuff like gymnastics or martial arts for a kid this age…it gets them into a more stable core…teaches concentrated application of force assists in developing better balance…respect, discipline…things that compliment his journey in our art.

I totally agree. We have just started him on the Tuff Cuff Jr. Program with an emphasis on all the conditioning and core work.