8 Year Old Pitcher--frame by frame


I’m new to the site, but have been lurking for awhile.

I finally got the opportunity to breakdown my 8 year old son pitching frame by frame and found it interesting (he throws very hard for his age–in the low to mid 50s–and I was curious where he got his velocity from).

Anyway, thought I’d share and see if anyone had any thoughts:

2 things, try to keep your son’s head on a straight line to home plate. he is dropping his head in the beginning which could affect his controll. to fix the problem tell your son to start with his knees bent. another problem is that he is not stabilizing his glove over his landing foot, the glove is just kind of flying behind his back. what should happen is his glove should stop and turn palm up (over his landing foot) right as his foot lands and his body should go to his glove. this will give him a more consistant release point and a little more velocity.

Wow. His mechanics look very polished, especially for an 8 year old. You deserve a round of applause Dad. I do agree with RightyRinger about his head, it does bouce around a bit. I also think that his glove is fine until it finishes. Again, I agree with Ringer in that his glove should not finish behind his back. However, I disagree with Ringer on how to fix that problem. In my opinon his glove should finish in the same position it is in the 6th frame, tucked right next to his hip. I feel this allows him to follow through easier, and with his whole body. Hope I helped!

lefty22 the glove is over his landing foot in the 6th frame. to be specific the glove is right over his heel

I see that, but I am not quite sure what you’re saying…

oh, it’s called swivel and stabilize. as your front foot lands the glove stops over the front foot in front of the torso, then the glove elbow stabilizes in a slot under the glove side armpit, then the body comes to the glove at release point and follow through. so yeah his glove should finish in the same position as frame 6

Thanks for the explanation, and I completely agree.