8 year old Pitcher/Fitness?


My son is 8 and plays baseball as a pitcher in the minors division. He does pretty good and I will be submitting some videos very shortly for anyone to help critique.

I am wondering at what age would it be appropriate for him to start with the overall fitness aspect of athletics, specifically baseball/pitching? He plays a short two month season and is off the rest of the year. We live in a small N. Michigan town so their are no travel teams or anything just little league once a year. I really wish their was more baseball for him in this area.

I am thinking of putting him on a offseason program of some sort. I am just curious about his age. Should I wait a couple more years and just let him enjoy being a kid? Not get to serious to fast? He loves baseball and so do I. I am curious about functional fitness as well as overall fitness is general for his age. I know weights are obviously not appropriate for his age level.


Wait. At 8 he should be getting his fitness from running around the school yard, playground, woods, etc. He should be playing with his friends.

If you insist on doing something baseball related, try daily or so games of catch. The point is to throw, not pitch, simply throw a baseball.


Thanks for the advice. I figured he was to young for that type of training. I will probably just wait until he gets into his early teens before I start getting a bit more serious about strength and conditioning, functional fitness, etc.


I agree that things need to be kept fun especially for the young ones. However, there are windows of trainability during which the body can develop in certain aspects quicker than it can at any other time. And, for example, the speed window for boys is ages 7-9.

I suggest Googling “windows of trainability”.


I would suggest being sensitive to his attention spans and his wants, as he grows and sees more of what’s available to him.

Youngsters have a way of wanting to be a ballplayer today, fireman tomorrow, a cowboy Tuesday and so on. Besides, games are games, all designed to be really fun. Take the fun out of it and his desires become your desires. On the other hand your wording in your posting seems to be aware of that.

If your son has “it”, on his own and really takes to the game, especially pitching, he’ll do things well enough to draw attention from those that’ll want his services. Couple that with his desires to improve and take fun to a new level is the real trick. Youngsters that seem to gravitate to this sport and pitch have always seemed to be moving in that direction, with and without … “here, let me help you…” kind of thing. All of that will come his way because, again, somebody will want his talent to do something for them … whoever “them” happen to be.

In addition, helping your son to do things right so he not only enjoys the game, but does so in a healthy way is what your maturity and experience does, and that comes in real handy.


Gymnastics has always kinda been looked at in a certain way by people and most macho alpha types would never have their son caught doing that crap. Our son had a friend that was in gymnastics and he saw him doing handstands and all kinds of stuff and decided he wanted to do it so we said why not, his sister could do it too. We started him when he was almost 5, and let me tell you after about 3 months you could tell a huge difference. Let me clarify I am not talking a rec tumbling class, this was gymnastics academy, where they worked on rings, pommelhorse, horizontal bars, etc etc actual olymipic type stuff. They did a ton of upper body and core work, and it was all just using his own body weight, no lifting weights or anything. He loved it, and I didnt really care how he performed he was getting so much stronger and enjoyed so it was worth it. The kid had a 6 pack in 6 months it was crazy, and he can rip off 20 pull ups on a bar like its nothing. He is now 7, plays 8u is always one of the smallest kids on the field but when people see him hit they are stunned at how much power he has, hasn’t hit a HR yet, but a couple off the fence. Not sure how much it helped his arm as he always had a pretty good arm but he has some velocity, he throws mid to high 40’s at 7.


Was going to say something along the same lines.

My 8 would watch Ozzie Smith videos and try to do hand stands. He’s 10 now and he still does them. (Of course, he sees Andrelton Simmons throw from the seat of his pants and now he tries to do this too.)

Gymnastics, track and field, wrestling are absolutely great ways to strengthen naturally.


I kinda differ on my thoughts on this. Start now make it fun do things that are fun but in the meantime building strength. Some baseball pylometrics and medicine ball toss stuff you can do as a game and he won’t even know he is working out. Throwers ten prehab is easy too. As long as it’s fun and you and him are together have fun. And too think about this he will be strong now but once he hits puberty those unseen muscles will seem to pop up from nowhere.