8 months post tommy john, elbow/tricep pain

Hello, I’m a college pitcher who got UCL reconstructive surgery (tommy john) on may 31st 2013. I rehabbed the hell out of it and it was feeling amazing. I started throwing last week with my coach. 45 feet 25 throws, 5 min break, then 25 more throws. My arm felt AMAZING. I threw every other day with no pain and the ball was effortlessly coming out of my hand pretty hard, and moved to 60ft on Friday as the throwing program wanted. I was ecstatic as one can imagine. However, I threw today and my arm didnt feel to great to begin with, and after about 20 throws one came out of my hand a little too hard and I felt a weird pain in my elbow, but it seemed to be coming from my tricep, the lower part that connects to the back of the elbow. It now hurts tonight (it happened about an hour ago) when i extend my arm. Has anyone who had tommy john had this experience when first starting to throw? Is this possibly scar tissue breaking up? Could it be a strain or something because I have been lifting (i didnt lift today, i would never throw after a lift) but it’s felt good in the gym too. I’m just really worried, i’ve trained my a** off and next season (2015) is the last year of eligibility i have. Any words from the wise or insight is appreciated, and the sooner the better, i’d like to sleep tonight, if you know what i mean.

Go see that orthopedic surgeon and have him check out the problem with your bicep or tricep or whatever. It may be that you just started throwing too hard too soon; for most pitchers it takes 12 to 18 months to recover completely from this surgery. Or there may be something else that needs looking into. But go see the doc; don’t wait. And stop throwing until you see him. :o

My son felt the same things. His surgeon said that there’s going to be some discomfort because you have a ways to go to get 100% back in business even if you felt great throwing initially.

My son felt discomfort because he subconciously altered his arm slot and delivery. And, hey, you haven’t used your elbow, shoulder, etc. for throwing for months and months.

  1. Don’t rush it. My son was throwing at 8 months, pitching off a mound at 9…but it took him a long while to get where I’m sure YOU want to be. Your entire body has to be back in business. So, take your time.

  2. Go see your surgeon. If it hurts…you don’t want to hear conjecture from me or anyone else. (And, honest, you are only hearing what people think. You don’t your career hinging on that! Right?)

I’d suggest you throw some with a physical therapist around to watch for little things you might be doing. My son threw on his own and, we determined, that caused him discomfort…and some issues when he was ready to pitch.

The things you described are what my son described and his surgery was a total success.