7th vs 8th

I’m in 7th, and i’m with an 8th grader. My friends are giving me hell for this. What do i do?

I don’t really understand what you said, but I’m guessing you meant you’re going out with an 8th grader.

Don’t worry about what your friends say…they’re just jealous of your pimpin’ skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

good point… yes, i am going out with an 8th grader

yea… i e-mailed one of my friends, and he said it wasn’t normal for a 7th grader to go out with an 8th grader.

your friend is jealous, and no it isn’t :lol:

great point

ha. is she hot?(i want somebody else’s opinion lol)

Hell Yes she’s hot

Dont trip my dude Im dating a junior right now, and I dont even consider the fact shes older.

as long as she isn’t taller than you… or wears the pants :wink:

Amen brother.

i’m 6-1. She’s 5-4. I don’t have to worry

edit: Your comment isn’t necessary when you’re only trying to make the kid feel bad.

Slurve: :roll:

Ok. Just don’t say anything like that again, even if it’s in my defence. Besides, we broke up. She was really going after some other hottie from some other school.

look i have a theory on this:

going out with someone a year loder is good
going out with someone the same age is obviously fine
going out with someone a year younger is a bit dodgy but if they’re hot, its allowed
2 years younger or older is, well not so good

Come on, guys. I try real hard not to censor anything and I’m sure the other admins feel the same way. We want open dialog and free expression of ideas. RHP, you need to keep it positive. MainBall, you’re better than that.

Well if you were going to write something no one would see, this is the thread…

You two guys really need to get off of each other. As I look at the history of you two, it looks like it was instigated by RHP not thinking Maines school is worthy…How grown up.
Maine…no need to act like the guy that has been ticking you off. Now you come, both of you to this thread to spread your sunshine. AND RHP is right, it is Jr High and won’t make any difference…likely next week or when ever they stop playing marbles nice…but you guys need to stop. It isn’t helping either of you or the other posters…so your dislike for each other needs not be rained on all the other guys.
Not a shining moment for college guys I’m afraid. How bout you dazzle us with some good info on playing in college and let this little rift you guys have developed just fade on off?

While I actually agree that the relationship is more or less going to eventually terminate that’s irrelevant to the post.

I merely pointed out that his comment was based solely to be disrespectful and make the kid feel bad which is a common thread among his posts, so I called him out.

My bad for using a bad word.