75mph or bust... At Age 12

My name is Kevin Bertha, and this will be my log for this year. I am going to work pretty hard this year because I am a good player, but I want to dominate this year. Also, I might want to play AAU this year because my friend who moved away recently, and I want to get a chance to play ball with him one last time.

School: Linton Middle
Class: 2016
Grades: Straight A’s one B in math(all accelerated classes)

40 time: 7 seconds
Mile time:9:40(best in class)
Pitches:4-seam, circle change, cutter
Position:Catcher, Pitcher, Center field

Goal long term: Get Drafted

Why? Because I’'d hate to own a small business in this town, and I’d love to make people regret the things they said about me

Goals Short Term: Throw 75mph by next season.
Be able to play AAU

I didn’t do anything today, but I threw the last 2 days, one simulated game, and a light catch with the piece of wood that I call a target.

Tomorrow, I will do a physical assessment, I will do max sets of everything.

I did my trials yesterday. Here is my results:

I didn’t really do anything today because my arm was sore. I took some BP, and I ended up breaking my parents’ door. :cry:

I am in the process of developing a workout program.

What are your goals?

To get stronger and gain velocity. Adding power to my swing would be nice, too. Can you give me a program?


Heres what I’m doing, but instead of the repetition upper body ive been using a max effort full body. This combined with a steady diet of call of duty :lol: has been packing on the pounds and ive gained velocity since the summer.

The best way to gain velocity is to improve mechanics. Seeing as your only 12 i would focus much more on mechanics than lifting.

Well yeah but I am ready to start lifting. My doctor told me to wait until there was hair on my chin, and now I am hairier than my dad. Pretty gross, but I had to tell you.

Can anybody give me a workout program? I have weight plates,dumbbells, barbells, and a bench with a lat pulley.

RHP posted a good workout program. You will probably have to go to the gym though since you are short on equiptment

I’m not allowed to go to the Y. You have to be 16 to lift there.


Did you ever get a workout plan together?

Just put one together for my son. There are plenty of exrecises plans that are perfect for the home and minimal if any cost.

75 MPH? Make sure the goal is realistic, obtainable & accurate.

75 is something that less than 250 kids in the country can hit on a radar gun.
My point is that it may not be realistic or neccessary or healthy goal.

Few 12 yr old bodies can do it, much less handle the stress… not to mention the stress of trying to get there.

Work on getting into top pitching shape, top mechanics, top mental part of the game & location. If you hit 55 mph or 75 so be it. velocity is the one thing that you cant control… its a by product of controlling everything else.

Stick to your workouts… 99% of kids ur age won’t play past high school. That doesnt mean the work ethic, drive & competitiveness you develop wont transfer to something possibly even more rewarding.

if you make it great, if not u’ll make it doing something else in life. I turned down playing ball in college, but my accomplishments in life are directly tied to everything (wins & losses) learned between the lines of a ball field.

Seeing as your 12 Push Ups, Pull Ups, core work, and Sprints would probably be the most beneficial.

Yeah, I sorta got sidetracked. I am starting a marine corps fitness program tomorrow.

Today’s workout:

ABS: Flutterkicks 1x25 reps
Leglifts 1x25 reps
Hello dolly 1x25
Bicycle 1x25
Side Crunches 1x25
Atomic Sit-ups 1x max 1 min.
Crunches w 15 lb weight 2x25
Reverse Crunch 1x15
Hanging Leg Raises 1x 5

Regular Workout: Pullups 1x max 2 min(4)
Pushups 1x max 2 min (30)

It seems like you’re doing pretty good. Most kids your age aren’t doing anything to train their bodies. You may want to consider adding some sprints to your workout but don’t let baseball become a job, keep it fun or you’ll get burned out.

Can’t really do sprints when there is 20 inches of snow on the ground, lol.

Today’s Workout:

Same ab routine as before. 50 pushups. 50 dips.

JT what is your son’s plan? I’d like to compare them.