7 yr old throws left and right what to do?

My son plays 2nd base and is starting to pitch. he has played 3 years as a left hand throwing 2nd baseman. He oddly throws a football and shoots basketball right handed and has more power right handed but more control left handed. He writes and has more dextarity with his left but can throw harder and farther right handed. He recently played an entire game right handed because a teamate lost his lefty glove and played great with several fielding outs and no errors. Nobody could believe he did that at 7 years old. I am his coach and pitched righty through Highschool ball. Any tips on making the choice of L or R

As he progresses you should begin to see defined dominance with one hand or the other.
Playing 2nd base, coaches are going to want a right hand throwing second baseeman.
Lefty pitchers are going to get long looks, but good velo with his right will also get looks.
The main thing is that he’s 7. Plenty of time to develop. plenty of time to have fun and just play the game.

I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

Well if you gave your left arm you wouldn’t be ambidextrous. Ha Ha…I know that was bad…