7 year old pitching vid


Here is my son who is almost 8 pitching. Any constructive feedback on his mechanics would be appreciated. Thanks.


He looks pretty good for a 7yo. Teach him to lift his leg AS his left hip moves down the mound creating more early momentum, not vice-versa. As he becomes stronger he will firm up front side leg promoting kinetic energy release through release point. Also teach him to keep head and shoulders level as much as possible which will help command and control. Good luck!


Looks great. Two suggestions:

  1. Take that rocker step back more behind the rubber instead of so far toward first base.

  2. Finish pitching arm with a long arc of deceleration outside the stride knee instead of recoiling it back up. Will help “cushion” the arm better and get more torso forward flexion.

Keep up the great work!


Looks great for his age. Hip and shoulder are coming through at exactly the same time( no seperation). Gonna have to work on that to get faster. When the front foot turns to land, it begins the delivery. Front foot turns to land, front hip snaps open, which rotates your torso, shoulders then follow the torso, and arm follows shoulder on a fastball the wrist snaps downward on release creating backspin off the middle finger. But honestly he looks great for his age.


I’d keep things real simple with a 7yo. I’d give him only one thing to work on at a time and the first thing I’d have him work on would be posture starting with keeping his head upright. Posture and balance is the foundation of a good delivery. Posture changes late in the delivery can result in things like early shoulder rotation and they pull the release point back.


Combine on what Steve said about your rocker step with what m3house said about the front hip during your lift. That change would add some intent to his delivery and boost his velocity. I too would work on one mechanical change at a time beginning with the rocker step. That may lead to some improvement with the front hip which I would then look to maximize. He does have a posture issue late in delivery, but I would work on hip/shoulder separation and follow through then address because it’s drawing his release point back and his late momentum seems to be toward 1st instead of the plate so he’s not getting ideal torso flexion. It may not seem like it, but I think he’s looking pretty good for his age.


Thanks everyone for chiming in!