7 year old pitch speed question(s)

We went to the Braves game yesterday and my son threw a few balls in the pitching booth they have set up. He was throwing in the 40’s mph with ease.

  1. Are there pitching camps that teach the proper ways to throw a ball? I want to make sure he has all the proper biomechanics when he throws to prevent/limit injury to his arm. I don’t want him developing bad habits, he needs to learn correctly from the start.

  2. 40+mph seems fast for a 7 year old. Is it?

  3. His LL coach has already said he wants him to pitch next year.
    Am I correct in that I do NOT think he needs to be pitching so early? I really want him to wait until High School to pitch if he’s still interested in baseball then. Thoughts on when he should start pitching?


My opinion is that your son should start pitching when he wants to start pitching. If you want to limit how much he pitches until he’s older then that would be ok. In fact, that would be smart.

As for camps or instruction, you need to decide if your son will be able to (1) comprehend the instruction and (2) be able to execute what he is instructed to do. Unless your son is mentally mature for his age, he will probably derive limited benefit. Most kids that age have very limited attention spans as well as limited motor skills and strength.

I generally don’t give lessons to kids until they are 9 or 10 unless a parent can convince me their kid is advanced for their age because I don’t want to take a parent’s money when I know their kid won’t get much out of it.

Makes sense.

He seems more advanced on the baseball field than other places because he loves playing baseball and tries hard to be good at it.

I just remembered a guy at work was a minor league pitcher so I’ll talk to him today on how to proceed.

Roger has made some very nice points. 7 is pretty young for camps, but just about any camp that would accept a 7 year old would certainly teach proper throwing mechanics. Let us know how it goes…