I was reading my book “Pitch Like a Pro” by Oriole’s Pitching Coach Leo Mazzone. I was reading the Conditioning part of book, and it says he has his relief pitchers do the the 7-4-7 light weight rotator cuff/shoulder program after the game they pitch in. Does anyone know what 7-4-7 means?

Googling it right now, but can’t find any info…

just a guess but probably they do 7 reps with the right arm, 7 reps with left, 4 reps with right, 4 reps with left, 7 reps with right, 7 reps with left on the various RC exercises without stopping

like i said that’s just a guess

in bodybuilding theres a thing known as 21’s which is 7-7-7…so, there ya go

There is an excerpt from the book that explains it. Go check out Tom Glavine’s workout in the book, it will explain it there.