6'5 High School Junior

I’ve posted about this kid some last year. He has been working on getting more consistent at throwing strikes. I’d say he’s between 80-83, but certainly has the frame and build to add more.

Would like to get him in the mid to upper 80’s for his senior year. I already have him longtossing in the offseason.

I like most of what I see. He does appear to be striding closed off toward third causing him to throw across his body. Not always a bad thing, the crossfire can be effective, ask Zita. However, I think he needs to work on striding more in a straight line and getting his release point more out front. His closed off landing appears to cause a spin off to the first base side killing his momentum to the plate. More direction to the plate, should increase his momentum, allowing for more velocity.

Agree with T22 - If he strides directly toward home, and quicker than he does now - It should open his hips more aggressively, and effectively, allow him room to throw harder. Stiffer front side wouldn’t hurt either.

I threw just like this kid for a long time (I am 6’6"), btw. For me, the change was mental, but everyone is different.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I will work to get him more square to the plate.