6'4" LHP Video I would like to hear opinions


My name is Shane Carey I am LHP from Loyalsock Township High School in Williamsport, PA and am part of the class of 2009. I just recently decided I would like to play college baseball over football and I’m constantly trying to get better. I would like to hear any opinions about the video I have sent out to colleges. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN6Wo_rWV50



If you want suggestions, you came to the right place. I don’t comment much on mechanics but you’ll get some advice thrown your way by some competent people here.

I’m the father of a RHP 2009 from PA who found a college. In my opinion just looking at the tape…I like what I see and I think you’ve certainly got enough to play in college. LHP, nice size, projectable and decent mechanics all add up to a good shot somewhere. At what level? Not sure.

I have researched and visited schools in the northeast and some in the south. There’s plenty available to PA, MD and WV as well as NY. I think if you want it…you can get it.

BTW, you get the shiniest floor award for videos. :shock:

Good Luck.


i really like your tape. you have a chance. send me a private message i would like to ask you some questions privately.


Nice video. One little thing I noticed (my lefty does it some times too) is that you are striding left of center, so you are a bit closed at landing and not getting all your hips offer and tend to miss to the throwing hand side of the plate. Just something to look at. Again the video looks good to me.


I think I agree with this.


Yes i agree to i threw across my body for a while and since ive fixed it my accuracy and velocity have improved.

Other than that its a good video


I agree with those who mentioned throwing across your body because you do not stride on or just right of a line from your pivot foot to the cather. I allso noticed you get little coil with the hips or shoulders. The front shoulder should stay closed as long as possible. Open the hips just before the stide foot lands followed by opening of the shoulders.


Also a little thing with your stride foot. Try not to land on your heel otherwise there will be problems that come along eventually. If you’re comfortable with this and experience no injury then keep doing what you’re doing. However, landing on the flat of your foot or the ball of your foot is ideal.


God it must be awesome having your entire college career paved out in highschool lol jk. You look good, obviously have a clue on the mound, and a 6-4 lefty chucking mid 80’s has plenty of choices for college. Man if I had that body, I’d be throwing 90+ easily