6'3 RHP from Diamond Bar, California


Besides he’s leg pump (his own style) what do you think of
his overall mechanics? All comments welcome.[/youtube]


First thing I would take a look at is his direction. He’s across his body quite a bit.


I’d work hard to tighten up that breaking ball.


Does crossing over his body take velocity off his ball?


It may or may not, however, I am a firm believer in taking all your energy towards the target. When the lower half drifts across the body, the upper half has to redirect this energy towards the target. Do you see some big leaguers striding across? Of course. But still, for command and transfer of energy and momentum purposes, I’d rather have the stride straight, jmo.


Besides across over how does his mechanic’s look on a whole?


How is the foot lift off the rubber not a balk??


I know you said to disregard the foot pump but fact is he does it. If he keeps doing it it’s a balk, if it’s a balk then his pitches go to waste because it’s either a ball to the batter or an automatic base. He’s got to stop doing that.


Ye I was going to say that foot pump really is in no way legal. Any ump is going to call that balk.